Oct 16, 2017

Three Primary Advantages of Laminate Cabinet Doors

Three Primary Advantages of Laminate Cabinet Doors

If you are considering your options between solid wood and laminate cabinet doors, there are lots of things that make both choices great. However, laminate cabinet doors can provide three unique advantages that may make them your top contender as you prepare to install new cabinets at your home or business. Here are three primary advantages of choosing laminate:

  1. Maintenance – Laminate is known for its easy maintenance solutions compared to other materials. This is even true of laminate flooring, for example. If you need a way to be able to quickly keep your cabinets clean, laminate cabinet doors can be a great solution.
  2. Cost – A laminate cabinet door can often be found at half the cost of a comparable solid wood option. If you want to outfit your kitchen, office, or bathroom areas on a dime, laminate cabinet doors may be a good budget-saving option.
  3. Looks – Although wood cabinets offer plenty of their own style and variety, you’ll find laminate cabinet doors in all types of design styles, colors, and options – including mimicking the look of hardwood. Depending on the quality level you choose, your laminate cabinet doors may be hard to differentiate from real wood.

At Cabinet Door Supply LLC, we can provide you with numerous options when you are ready to upgrade your living and working spaces. We’ll be happy to help you decide if laminate cabinet doors are the better choice for your needs and provide you with the cabinet door supply necessary to outfit your entire space. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members and to place your order.

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